Want To Know What Women Really Want? Get To Know Them Through Vedic Astrology!

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header-1vedic-astrology-and-womenHey Everyone, I hope you are all doing great and you all remember me from the Relationship Columns that I used to write, I received much appreciation from you all. I hope that all your relationships are healthy and strong! Remember to Love all around you and Love will always find its way to you. I wish you all a Healthy and Prosperous New Year. I have a short message for all you Ladies out there by my friend Rahul Jain who is a prominent Astrologer from India, he has given a glimpse of what women of different Zodiac signs are like by nature. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

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The results of astrology for women are quite different than those for Men. The Sages in vedic times did extensive research on this subject .There is a common perception that the results are same but in actualthe planets which trigger the events in men and women are different . This article would be explaining the characteristics of women of various signs of Zodiac .

Brand-D-LogoAries The Aries woman loves the man whom she can admire . She is generally thin built , witty and intelligent . She loves to be praised and expect to be taken care of by the partner. They are aggressive and romantic .

Taurus TheTaurian lady is stable ,sincere and gentle . She wants her man to be devoted to her, as they are anxious to lead a happy domestic life. She is generally stout,and strict mothers. They are sincere and more focussed on family then self.

Gemini TheGeminianwoman is generally tall and seeks mental companionship more then anything else . They cannot tolerate anything going against their wishes. The family can neglected as they can be more focussed on earning and outside activities.

Cancer TheCancerian lady is sincere , devoted and loyal . She is generally short in height and is an affectionate and dutiful parent. They can be moody at times and can be stubborn if ignored. Romantic and imaginative by nature, they are adaptable and adjust easily to surroundings .

signs4Leo TheLioness is very passionate , strong willed and of fixed ideas . She likes to be wooed . A full physical structure makes her popular with opposite sex . A natural tendency to mother can result in her being over caring and over bearing . Her word is law

VirgoVirgo woman is tall , emotional and intelligent . She is adjustable and accommodating but a miser as far as money is concerned . They run the house methodically but tend to find faults with anything and everything .

LibraLibra woman is sexy and passionate by nature and leads a life of luxury .they are intelligent tactful and wise . Generally Tall they are fond of dresses, music and dance . They value relationships and are ready to forgive and forget .

ScorpioScorpio woman is genuine and affectionate . She is generally short in height and can be short tempered . They normally have large families and neither forgive or forget .

Sagittarius This woman is calm, considerate and clever. A Sound advisor ,she is generally competent in her profession . They are more friendly with friends and outsiders then relatives . She can be a rock steady support for her partner . She is very cautious of her social image and will not do anything which can harm it .

TheAllumCapricorn Capricornian woman is timid and patient. She can be selfish but will follow the customs and traditions of the family. She would not believe in giving much freedom to the partner and can sometimes get doubting and over controlling .

Aquarius An unconventional woman who expects very high standard from her partner, they are very cautious of personal space . She is generally tall and strong willed . She generally stays in the backdrop and avoid limelight . She gets happiness in the later part of life .

Pisces  This woman is beautiful with big eyes . She is liberal and generous . She can easy fall prey to bad elements of society as half of the time she is in her own fantasy land . The rae romantic and passionate but can sway emotionally. She needs constant assurances to be steady .

These predictions are based on the Vedic astrology  . The results will get suitably modified based on the basic configuration of the chart of the person. The zodiac in Vedic system gets divided into nakshatras which is an extremely accurate definition  of personality.







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