Two Indo-Canadians Among Five Of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s Cabinet Ministers Interviewed By RCMP In Voter Fraud Investigation

Premier Jason Kenney and Cabinet are sworn in at Government House, in Edmonton on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. (Photo by Alberta Government)

Infrastructure Minister Prasad Panda has previously confirmed that he was interviewed by the RCMP and recently it was confirmed that Culture Minister Leela Aheer and three other senior ministers in Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s cabinet were interviewed in the ongoing voter fraud investigation.

CALGARY – While Alberta Premier Jason Kenney won by a landslide but the last provincial election is still being investigated for voter fraud by the RCMP, who have interviewed at least five of Kenney’s ministers as part of its ongoing investigation into allegations of voter fraud in the 2017 United Conservative Party leadership race.

Those being interviewed include two Indo-Canadian ministers as well as other Indo-Canadians involved in the leadership campaign.

Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer and Infrastructure Minister Prasad Panda previously confirmed their police interviews.

CBC News reported it has now confirmed that Culture Minister Leela Aheer, Seniors and Housing Minister Josephine Pon and Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Jason Luan have all been interviewed as well.

Through press secretaries, all three ministers say they spoke with investigators and that they are not under investigation.

In addition to the cabinet ministers, at least one UCP MLA has also been interviewed by the federal police force.

Just before the provincial election, RCMP raided Calgary-East MLA Peter Singh’s business as part of the voter fraud investigation.

Singh also faces allegations of “fraud, forgery, improper inducement and bribery” in his effort to secure the UCP nomination in his riding. That investigation is being carried out by Alberta’s election commissioner.

Three cabinet members, including Premier Jason Kenney, have not yet responded to requests for confirmation of interviews by the RCMP.

The investigation is focused on whether voter fraud took place in the 2017 UCP leadership vote that elected now-Premier Jason Kenney.

The Alberta Crown Prosecution Service has appointed an out-of-province prosecutor to provide advice on the investigation.

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