Surrey Firefighters Endorse Tom Gill!

Surrey First mayoral candidate Tom Gill received a big endorsement from the Surrey Fire Fighters Association. The Group announced that they would like to officially endorse Tom Gill as our next Mayor of this great city. "Tom has an excellent track record of identifying solutions when it comes to public safety. As our city continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, we believe Tom is the right choice to lead. On October 20th 2018, Surrey Fire Fighters will be voting for Tom Gill as Mayor," the Group said in a press release. "I'm proud to have the support of the hardworking members of the Surrey Fire Fighters Association, along with Mike Starchuk, Vera LeFranc, Upkar Tatlay, and Trevor Halford. I will work to make sure these men and woman who keep our city safe are given the support they deserve," Gill said.


Tom Gill Promises To Build The Surrey Of Tomorrow Starting October 20

“It’s time for the next generation of community leadership to step up and deliver the future we want for Surrey families.”

SURREY – Surrey First mayoral candidate Tom Gill and his team released their 15-page platform today as a “blueprint” for the Surrey of tomorrow.

With 10 days to go before the municipal election on October 20th Gill said the platform puts emphasizes public safety, more community amenities for families, affordable housing options, better transit and a more approachable city hall.

“We have a big decision to make this election,” said Gill, an accountant and chair of the city’s finance committee. “On election day we can keep moving forward or turn back the clock. These are exciting times for Surrey and we’re definitely not the city we were a generation ago. People like what they see here, which is why 300 families move to Surrey every month. We’ve accomplished a lot but there’s still plenty of work to do. It’s time for the next generation of community leadership to step up and deliver the future we want for Surrey families.”

While the entire Surrey First platform is available online at, highlights include:

Public Safety:

•             Five-year, $50 million public safety platform that includes prevention, intervention and enforcement.

•             125 new police officers.

•             More anti-gang programs for kids, including free access to pools, gyms and rinks for children and teens.

•             Create a Surrey Police Board, ensuring more local authority, control and accountability.

•             Police services review, ensuring right resources and tools for policing Surrey today.

•             Referendum on a made-in-Surrey police department.

•             Working with other cities to ban handguns.

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