There will be new mayors in many BC municipalities come next month and Surrey is no exception as it will be new one too even if it may end up being one who has been the City's leader in the past. The election in BC's fastest growing city is expected to be a heated race between three front-runners Bruce Hayne, Tom Gill and former mayor Doug McCallum, all of whom are staking their claim to the Mayor's office. Integrity Now leader Hayne, who kicked off his election campaign this week with a big fundraiser attended by over 500 people last Tuesday, broke away from Surrey First party, which is now headed by Gill. Hayne is seen as a good middle of the road choice from the other two alterntives – Surrey First and McCallum's Safe Surrey but this time out, it is a Three-Horse front-runners battle. Hayne, Gill and McCallum are all on the same level after voter backlash against the long ruling Surrey First put a stop to their dominance. And with the writ being dropped on September 22, any one of the front-runners can take the Top-Dog Surrey job. Surrey voters will go to the polls on October 20 and in the meantime the ensuing election battle will surely be a very heated one. Get your warm jackets – Winter is coming!

***By R. Paul Dhillon – DESIBUZZCanada Founder-Editor

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