Simple Journey Of A Boy Becoming A Monk A South Korean Treat

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Becoming Who I Was (G) **


By DESIBUZZCanada Staff

            Long known for breathing life into small intimate movies The 2017 Vancouver International Film Festival serves up a nice variety of global cinema treats. With both Koreas currently consuming news headlines how refreshing it is to see a nice peaceful moment from South Korea expressed so poignantly in Becoming Who I Was. This small tale of a boy destined to become a monk has no political or global overtones or agendas. Instead it takes us on a simple journey of destiny of a lad out to become a monk and the process he must undergo.

         Playful and poignant we see over time the process of gaining enlightenment and the pitfalls along the way. Central to the story is the key relationship of the child to his uncle. Mostly set in an Asian village the pair have a desire to go to Tibet to fulfill the boys spiritual calling. Beautiful cinematography of the mountainous terrain begins this journey before entering the hustle and bustle of modern India. The contrast will not be lost on anyone.

          Not at all that slow moving Becoming Who  I Was is not exactly action-packed. Far from it. Instead here we have a simple tale of a family bonding with a desire to reach a religious  type goal and the gradual coming of age of two people in A  lightly framed spiritual  journey

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Sat Sept 30.      4:45 pm.    Cineplex International Village Auditorium # 9

Sun Oct 8.          8:15 pm.    Vancity Theatre

Wed Oct 11.        6:15 pm.    Vancity Theatre



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