Sajjan Cherry-Gate!

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Who thought eating Cherries in Osyoos would get Defence Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan lambasted on social media and cause him such embarrassment. Well that's exactly what happened over the weekend as a video of Sajjan sitting in his car and eating cherries and spitting the pits (seeds) on the driveway of a meat shop where he claimed to have come get meat even though the shop was closed. In the video, Sajjan is seen trying to conceal his identity but the Indo-Canadian shop owner of East Indian Meat Shop seems to be overly aware of his VIP status. However, shopkeeper-video-maker is overzealous of his condemnation of the minister for showing his place a lack of manners but he also swears at Sajjan for which he has given a recorded and written apology. But Sajjan was rightly roasted as his behaviour was unbecoming a Minister for which he did apologize. But it also shows that Sajjan is not on his game and as with his previous mistake of overstating "being an architect of one of the key Canadian Afghan mission" – he needs better advisors and a sharp sense of his what his position entails. He's naive, unseasoned and shows he's not cut out for politics but he can't be doing these silly things if he wants to remain a politician. If you are elevated to great positions as he has, that of becoming the first Sikh-Indian to be Defence Minister in a western nation then he has to live up to those lofty expectations or fall on his face which he has now done twice. Third time may not be a charm!

***By R. Paul Dhillon


THE SAJJAN VIDEO-MAKER: Paramjeet Chauhan​



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