POETRY: Do Perceptions Really Matter Or Are They A Figment Of One’s Imagination?

By Paarull JS Bakshi


Perceptions were hard to shatter

For all we know, they rarely matter


They are mostly just a figment of one’s imagination

For all we know that this is merely our false fascination


Fascinations of knowing what the mind of others perceives

We see one and all with eyes that assumes all deceives


This is rarely a fact and is mostly an opinion well dressed

And do we know it that this perception has us all stressed


Because …


Perceptions are seemingly hard to shatter

And now we know that they can matter


They matter to the ones who dwell on the past

The past is long gone and doesn’t really last


Don’t dwell on an image that they have of you

Its not a reality and is mostly not true


Be your truth and wear your truth

It will stay by you forever and will disappear never


It is your cover and it knows you best

The perceptions are there and will soon be put to rest


Don’t cover the perceptions, just wear your truth well

The truth will take you to peace so you won’t need to dwell




Although, Perceptions are hard to shatter but

In the end they rarely even matter…


Paarull JS Bakshi is a Public Relations and Marketing Professional with years of experience specializing in Corporate PR, Brand Development, Celebrity Management and Event related Promotions.

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