Shinda Rocks!!!

TFG--banners website-F2sukhshinda9sukhshinda headshot9The original UK Music Man Sukshinder Shinda rockws the Royal King Banquet Hall in Surrey Saturday night with his unique brand of Bhangra. It took me back to my youth and especially to 1993 when I made my first visit to England and got a full blast of UK club music. Shinda is a pioneer in that UK Bhangra game and even though he came to the singing game late – he is a master musician and a great vocalist. Shinda was in town to mark DJ Aftershock 10th Anniversary. Backed by Jenny Johal and as always supported big time by his big buddy and Bro Bobby Nagra, Shinda delighted the packed crowd.

**** By R. Paul Dhillon

Sukshinder-jenny johal9sukhshinder-Sain9sukshinder-shinda9TFG-Poster new-DESI-ANGREJ

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