ROSS STREET ELECTION UNDERWAY: Will The Ghost Of Murdered Sikh Sangat Leader Amar Sandhu Haunt The Moderates?

headerVoting For Sikhs' Oldest Society In North America Closes At 8PM Today In What Is Expected To Be A Close Race!

ross-street-election2DESIBUZZbc photographer Sukhwant Singh Dhillon captured these highlights from the Ross Street Gurdwara election earlier today including Moderate strategist Raj Waris.

Brand-D-LogoVANCOUVER – Voting at Khalsa Diwan Societry – the Sikhs’ oldest Gurdwara in North America, which recently suffered serious damage after it caught in a suspicious early morning fire early, is currently underway with closing time set at 8pm in another fierce battle between so-called Moderate slate and their forever challengers traditionalists Sikh Sangat Society, which was led by their former leader Amar Singh Sandhu, who was gunned down in broad daylight earlier this summer.

The Moderates have unsuccessfully tried to revive the Chairs and Tables propaganda while the Sikh Sangat challengers say it is all about the accounting and the temple's books. Both sides have had their drawbacks with some former Moderate slate members deserting the group and controversy surrounding the temple's finances while the Sikh Sangat has brought back unpopulr Joga Singh Sangha, a crony of a local developer, as their slate leader which is has been criticized by some of their own supporters.

20160910_170126Moderates also have had backing from the Indian Consulate through the Turn-Coat MP and his cronies who want to hold on to power at the temple so they can weild some power at Vancouver City hall for permits and such and the Puppet-Master of Joga Singh does the same thing at Vancouver City hall after he was kicked out of Surrey City Hall.

So who will win this expected tight race but it is the Sikh Sangat's to lose as if they don't win tonight they will likely be finished a Group!

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