Meet And Greet With Bollywood Serial Queen Dolly Sohi-Dhanowa

Dolly-Sohi-Dhanoa2DESIBUZZbc (1)-RedFilm industry and political mover-shaker Shernjeet Vicki Gill brought Hindi soap star Dolly Sohi Dhanowa for dinner and a meet and greet at Surrey's Northview Golf and Country Club with DESIBUZZbc founder R. Paul Dhillon. Dolly has starred in such popular soaps as Bhabi, Aashique and currently stars in Kalash. An absolutely amazing evening of food and wine (Dolly doesn't drink or eat meat) and great chat about everything film.

And here is the latest Gossip about Dolly’s marriage status:

Dolly told DESIBUZZbc that indeed she and her Surrey-based husband have split but have not officially divorced.

Dolly says, "It's true that my marriage is in trouble. We have been staying separately for four years because of compatibility issues. But we haven't filed for a divorce as we hope to give it another shot.

Dolly-Sohi-Dhanoa3I have been visiting my husband because of daughter Amelie (daughter). She made the final decision last  December."

"Both of us are in a dilemma as we don't hate each other. It's a difficult phase for us," she says.

A few years ago, Dolly had claimed that her husband will relocate to India to be with her. Did her professional ambition drive a wedge in her marriage?

Brand-D-Logo"Not at all. The initial plan was to relocate, but then I realised that it won't be easy for him to adjust here. He's born and brought up in Canada and it would be unfair to ask him to move with me. Things would have become worse had he shifted here. We have decided to go with the flow and hope to come up with a solution in December but now we have decided to separate," she states.


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