AISRO Canada Accuses Vancouver Indian Consulate Officials And Hindi Divas Organzers Of Racism Against Dalits

Desibuzzbc-Banner-Metrics-FinalDear Editor,

Brand-D-Media-new-001This is regarding a write-up in your esteemed weekly The LINK of January 13 by Acharya Dwivedi about the celebration of “ World Hindi Divas” at the Indian Consulate on January 10. Hindi is the Official Language of India. It is spoken in many countries of the world. We appreciate that the Government of India is trying that the United Nations recognize Hindi also as one of its official languages in addition to Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. It will be a moment of pride for all of us.

We have to say with a heavy heart that the officials of this Consulate, in the past and at present, have been found wanting of some basic sensitivities while dealing with the Ravidassia community. They pay less heed to clear-cut instructions from the government. No government wants discourteous, inaccessible and discriminatory behavior with the public. In the recent context when fingers are being raised against the consular officials worldwide, the government of India needs to take action against the officials who are instrumental in maligning the image of India. If this letter of ours works as adding fuel to the fire, then – let it be. Dr. Ambedkar said, “ firstly and lastly I am Indian” We assure you that “ firstly and lastly we are Indians and of Indian-origin. ”The most recent case is of January 10, while celebrating the World Hindi Day in the Consulate.

A. Acharya Dwivedi, as the Main Speaker on the occasion, began his address by asking the audience in Hindi, (Aap sabh jo piche baithe hain vo Aage aajao, Hum koi Acchut nahi hain ). The Consul General who was presiding the event did not take notice of this unlawful, satirical and unconstitutional language in public view. Silence on her part has seemed her consent to this derogatory and objectionable comment. There were at least 4 or 5 members of the Dalit community present at that time. A ruckus on their part at that point in time would have branded them as anti-nationals.

B. One of the former Consul Generals refused the invitation by the President  of Sri Guru Ravidas Sabha, Vancouver  to visit their Gurudwara. Some people from the community approached Foreign Ministry in Delhi. Then the Indian government ordered and finally, his visit took place.

C.  During one of the functions held at the Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, to celebrate Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's Day in October, 2014, one journalist and a community activist of human rights and Dalit affairs pointed out in his address the unfortunate incident of cleaning of the temple after the visit of Mr. Jatin Manjhi, former Chief Minister of Bihar who was from a lower caste. The journalist was told to “shut up and was shown the door” by the-then Consul General present at the function. All this happened in the presence of several distinguished professors of the Simon Fraser University and Hon'ble Harjit S. Sajjan, now Defense Minister of Canada.

Rashpal Bhardwaj 
Media Spokesperson for AISRO Canada
Vancouver, BC


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