A WOMAN’S POV: They Say, They Stare!

TFG--banners website-F2taran-larra-shah-with-paarullBy Paarull JS Bakshi

They say, they stare, they taunt And they flaunt

Acting like Animals, it's humanity they haunt


We call them our friends but do they know what that means?

Maybe they think that we wouldn’t dare to scream


Inside we cry for help from all the others

But we end up telling no one but our mothers


We must become docile and ignorant to their dirty thoughts

Don’t they realize that they have now been caught


We can no longer be friends because they make us feel naked

For all they know, we could very well be taken


Yet their eyes still stare at our body parts

Our bodies are the subject of their fun and arts


Would they do the same if we gave them birth?

Or we tied a Rakhi calling them our ‘Bhai’?


Paarull-versionThe shame they put us through is something we hate

From what we hear they call this our fate


Being born a female , my Daddy was proud

but as they stare, I feel I can’t even talk loud


Should I decide to become a voice or a voice that is lost

but I decide to take a stand and make sure a change is brought


I say let them say, stare, taunt and flaunt

I am who I am and changing that I don’t want…


I will act as I want and do what I feel

I will kiss who I want although it may not be the real deal


This is my choice and I’ve made up my mind

I will climb the high ladders and leave them behind


I say let them say, stare, taunt and flaunt

I neither care or have time for their dirty thoughts!

paarull-js-bakshi-profilePaarull JS Bakshi is a Public Relations and Marketing Professional.


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