Mexican Execution!

Jokes-logo3By  Arena Mahnas

DESIBUZZbc (1)-RedThree Americans get hammered the night before and found themselves in a Mexican where they were being readied in the morning for execution.

The first one, a Red Head, was strapped in the electric chair and is asked If she has any last words. She says "I just graduated."

They throw the Switch and nothing happens. They all  Immediately fall to the Floor on Their Knees forgiveness and release her.

TheAllumThey ask the Second One the same thing and she says "I Just graduated From Harvard Schools of Law and I believes in the power of the Justice to Intervene on the part of the Innocent.

They throw the Switch and again nothing Happens. They release her as well.

The Last One is strapped in and she says "Well I am from the University of Texas and Just graduated with a Degree In Electrical Engineering and let me tell ya, you ain't gonna electrocute no body if don’t plug the cord in.

Aaron Dickson, President of the Board of Directors of the Texas Prison Museum stands on November 19,..

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