Kafi Or Main Is A Full Packed Entertainment Thrill Which Gives A Glimpse Into The Life Of A Great Artist


A great art and music evening which is filled with entertainment packed house at the Kaifi Aur Main. This is a unique storytelling theater which features the most popular Bollywood artist Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar. The music as accompanied by Jaswinder Singh and his band. The story is about Shabana’s dad Kaifi Azmi and the love of his life, his wife Shaukat Azmi and their entry into the entertainment industry. These two artists had a great time and life together.

Entertainment - Kaifi Or Main

Rich in detail and high in drama, the dramatization by the two artists’ own daughter and son-in-law is engaging, emotional and touchingly funny.

It’s also a showcase of a great artist’s life, someone who is blessed with the gift of God but also whose art was shaped by real-life experiences. Kaifi along with being a great artist, poet, Bollywood lyricist and scriptwriter of the classic Heer Ranjha directed by Chetan Anand and starring Raaj Kumar, he was an activist, revolutionary and union leader who worked with the common man as member of the communist party alongside legendary artists of the era including Balraj Sahni and Rajinder Singh Bedi.

Kaifi Azmi’s great work is a reflection of a person and it’s tailor-made for the stage for lovers of high art.

Entertainment - Kafi Or Main

Thanks to Kamal Sharma, who is a great champion of artists and entertainers, for bringing the play to Vancouver and staging it at the Hard Rock Casino theatre in Coquitlam for the first time!

Entertainment - Kafi Or Main

A great evening of art that awakens the soul!!!

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