Indo-Canadian Man Jasmel Singh Got Deceased at Abbotsford Blast

Indo-Canadian man

Indo-Canadian Man Jasmel Singh Shot Dead at Abbotsford Blast


An Indo-Canadian man got dead at Abbotsford blast on 18th August Thursday evening. According to the Canadian cops, the Indo-Canadian man is Jasmel Singh who is a native of Nabha in Punjab. He was living in Canada for the past 30 years and was indulge in his daughter’s marriage.

Khora said, “The family had organized a religious ceremony that day and after it’s completion, my father-in-law went to the garage when this blast took place”.

According to the Canadian Media Reports” the house was on ablaze when rescue teams and police reached the spot. Reasons behind the blasts are not found till now but soon they will be in front of the people.”

Khora who was a son-in-law of Jasmel Singh added, “there were some gifts and jewelry, which was for her daughter was also gutted. Due to the marriage function, the preparation of sweets was also taking place. So, Family members suspect this blast as a cylinder blast.

Jasmel’s elder daughter has urged a request to provide visas to their family members.

The incident took place after 4:15 p.m. on last Thursday at Ponderosa Street in Abbotsford. According to the Canadian cops, the six adults and two children were able to escape.

According to the Canadian cops, the investigation is going on. They are trying their best to find the real cause of explosion and fire.


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