Fun Times With Friends In The Motherland!

TFG--banners website-F2Fun Times With Friends5Fun Times With Friends2When you head to India, you’re always unsure of how it’s gonna be with all the pollution, traffic chaos and various other issues for people coming from the West but Mother India is a delightful smorgasbord of ecstasy, enlightenment, pain and sorrow but ultimately joy with a spirit that is all its own. And the miracle by which India runs with all the chaos and poverty can be challenging but each of my last two trips have been absolutely enjoyable. In Mumbai hung out with my buddy Varinder Singhji from Vancouver and had a blast. My veteran filmmaker friend Ashok Sharma is always treasure trove of filmy info – in fact I got introduced by him to a Crypto-currency guy from LA who raised over $2.5 million in Mumbai. Also met many film people but it was cool hanging out with renowned screenwriter Dheeraj Rattan and Punjabi music and film and music superstar Amrinder Gill and his Rythm Boys co-producer and acclaimed music director Jatinder Shah. In Chandigarh, I landed and the same night got the International Mafia Madeer (IMM) treatment courtesy of the Don himself, Teflon in the flesh. Big things happening in music for Tef. And then it was old high society Chandigarh treatment courtesy of Ronnie Grewal and my buddy Greg Kular – the better Barter Brother! Lol! Drinks and filmy conversation at Ronnie’s Bungalow and then drinks and dinner at the JW Marriott Chandigarh! Is that VIP treatment or what? These travels are important for us and do it when you get the opportunity as the whole world is waiting for your Company!!!!

****By R. Paul Dhillon – FOUNDER-EDITOR DESIBUZZCanada

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