Fun Time With Gullu Paaji!

It’s always great to catch up with the Bollywood legend Gulshan GROVER and this time he really took the time to hang out and have a great conversation and fun too. We talked about our long association, working on two feature films together. He is pumped to do promotions for DESI ANGREJ: The Fusion Generation, Which is releasing this summer. We talked about our careers in film – largely his as it’s been long and very productive with over 400 Indian and international films. He said he enjoys doing English and international language films now more than Bollywood and even Punjabi films as they offer challenging roles. He said he gets many offers from Punjabi films but he’s not interested as they don’t write challenging roles for senior actors. He seemed quite relaxed and jovial and said he’s enjoying life after decades of pushing himself. He’s looking forward to returning to Vancouver soon where he said he’s always greeted with warmth and love.

****By R. Paul Dhillon

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