Entertainment: Karan Soni To Be Seen In Deadpool

Entertainment - Deadpool

Actor Karan Soni said that when he first went to audition for the role, he didn’t know he was auditioning for Deadpool

VANCOUVER – The recently released Hollywood film Dead pool has become a global hit, and for Indian origin actor Karan Soni, plays the role of Dopinder — an Indian cab driver — in the film. the flick is one of the ­biggest highlights of his career. This movie will give you goosebumps in terms of entertainment.

In a telephone interview from New York, Karan said that he never expected his role to be liked by people.

“Over the years, I have learned that I should not expect anything from the projects I am involved in. The response I have been ­getting from people is ­unbelievable. Though it was hardly a 10-minute role, but to be honest, I never expected from people to notice this small part,” he said.

Entertainment - Deadpool

Karan Soni an Indian Origin actor played the role of Dopinder in Deadpool movie

Karan also revealed that when he went to ­the audition for the first time, he was not knowing  ­that he is giving audition for the Dead pool movie. Karan addressed that, “I was told the film would be titled, Wham! I didn’t even meet Ryan (Reynolds; ­actor-­filmmaker) or Tim (Miller; director). I had no idea that it is a ­superhero film. Three months later I got the call from the production house and was informed that I was selected. Naturally, I freaked out!”

Born and brought up in Delhi, Karan was ­pleasantly surprised that his friends and family would watch the film in India. “Since the film got an R ­rating, I didn’t expect it to release in India. So it was a pleasant ­surprise for me. My dad went to the theater (in Delhi) to get the tickets, but the show was houseful. He had to wait for another slot!” he said. This would be one of the greatest achievement of my life.

I hope you all are going to watch out this movie in your weekends and would like to cheer the acting of an Indian guy. This movie is his first debut in the entertainment industry.

The sequel to Dead pool is expected to shoot in Vancouver this fall.

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