DESIBUZZCanada Founder-Editor and well known filmmaker R. Paul Dhillon was invited on the popular community television program The Kamilla Singh show to talk about his upcoming projects – his feature film DESI ANGREJ: The Fusion Generation and the anti-gang music video TARGETS. Dhillon was joined by his friend and power-lifter-turned-actor Sammy Toora on the program. It was a fun and engaging discussion about various issues like gangs affecting our community as well as Dhillon’s work as a filmmaker and award-winning journalist.

Remembering Mewa Singh!

The great Martyr Mewa Singh Lopoke’s death anniversary was marked last Sunday morning at Khalsa Diwan Society, where Artist Jarnail Singh unveiled a brand new portrait of the first Sikh freedom fighter who gave his life for the Sikh cause. Mewa Singh came to British Columbia in 1906. He was one of more than 5,000 Punjabi men who arrived in the three years before 1908, the date when the Canadian government stopped further immigration from India. The anniversary of Mewa Singh’s death has been commemorated by Sikhs in British Columbia and California ever since his execution by hanging in New Westminster, B.C., in January 1915. DESIBUZZCanada Editor-Founder and well known filmmaker R. Paul Dhillon is writing a script on Mewa Singh’s life from a biography of the Martyr by the legendary Punjabi writer Kesar Singh.

VIP Customer!

One of Richmond Lexus’s top salesman Sunny Parmar had a VIP customer this week in no other than Punjabi music and film superstar Amrinder Gill, who was looking to buy the new sleek Lexus ES350 F-Sport. The unassuming star was polite and sought Parmar’s advice on the new purchase.

Old Wedding Video-Photo Guys Meet!

Wedding videographers and photo guys from yesteryear gathered recently for a meeting but still some were missing like one of the oldest in this biz Sukhwant Singh Dhillon and even older his bro Sukhdev Singh Dhillon. There is another gathering planned – stay tuned!

Lohri Celebrations At KDS!

Lohri celebrations were held at the newly remodelled Khalsa Diwan Society at Ross Stree in Vancouver which brought out a large crowd.

Lohri Celebrations Held At No. 5 Road Gurdwara

Lohri is a cultural celebration mainly celebrated in the Punjab and by Punjabis around the globe. Originally, it was celebrated on the winter solstice, being the shortest day and the longest night of the year. However, it gradually shifted towards early January to coincide with the beginning of the harvesting of sugarcane crop. The old tradition still continues in the Punjab. However, overseas, Punjabis have modified it greatly. For example in Canada, in view of the foeticides, and as a symbol of equality between boys and girls, it is considered as a major celebration for the community. The individuals and organizations working for the noble task of equality must be commended for their efforts in this regard. Every child, whether it is a boy or a girl is a gift from God and his/her birth must be celebrated with equal enthusiasm. During this week there have been a lot of celebrations in this regard. Same was true for India Cultural Centre of Canada’s Gurdwara Nanak Niwas (#5 Road) in Richmond.

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