Deconstructing Trump!


Trump-JokeJokes-logo3DESIBUZZbc (1)-RedThree Toronto surgeons were playing golf together and discussing surgeries they had performed..

One of them said, "I'm the best surgeon in Ontario. In my favorite case, a concert pianist lost seven fingers in an accident;

I reattached them, and 8 months later he performed a private concert for the Queen of England.

The second surgeon said.. "That's nothing. A young man lost an arm and both legs in an accident;

I reattached them, and 2 years later he won a gold Medal in track and field events in the Olympics.

The third surgeon said, "You guys are amateurs”. Several years ago a man was high on cocaine and marijuana and he rode a horse head-on into a train traveling 80 miles an hour.  All I had left to work with was the man's blonde hair and the Horse's ass.

I was able to put them together and now he's running for President of the U.S.A.!"

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