Bruce Hayne Kicks Off Surrey Election Campaign With Fundraiser!

Surrey mayoral candidate Bruce Hayne held his debut fundraiser at the Tap House in Surrey on Tuesday that brought out many supporters of the ex-Surrey First councillor. Hayne broke away from Surrey First to stand with his own Integrity Now slate, fielding 6 council candidates instead of 8. Perhaps he's waiting for his former mates Mike Starchuk and Dave Woods to join him in case Bruce and his slate win in the best case scenario for the well liked candidate. Ironically, Woods quit Tom Gill led Surrey First on Wednesday after DESIBUZZCanada founder-editor posted about Hayne's event on Facebook Tuesday night. Not that the two things are connected but we got a few calls about whether we knew something that others didn't and to be honest, Dhillon was just pontificating. Woods said he is staying in the Council race and may be headed over to his old friend Hayne's slate. But for now Hayne is joined on his Integrity Now slate by his former colleague Barbara Steele and number of newcomers including Avi Dhaliwal. At the event, Steele called her leader Hayne the next Mayor of Surrey – she has to! But the 2018 civic election in Surrey is going to be an interesting one as it is one of most wide open elections in Surrey in recent years where any of the three major slates (former mayor Doug McCallum, popularly known in Indo-Canadian circles as "Doug Paaji", is also running with his Safe Surrey slate.) can win and that makes it so exciting! Come September – it’s gonna be electric in Surrey!

****By DESIBUZZCanada Staff

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