Blood Donation By SIKH Nation!

The great initiative by the worldwide Sikh community to give Blood to Remember the victims of the 1984 Genocide of Sikhs by the Indian Government backed criminals is in full swing in with the annual blood drive. The aim of Sikh Nation is to raise awareness against all Genocides and killing of innocent people by rogue and murderous states. The Sikh Nation’s purpose is to kill the Genocidal thinking of nations and individuals and focus on those propagating hate against minorities and to work against Hate and for Human Rights. Their annual campaign is about creating awareness against State sponsored atrocities and those propagating racism and hateful philosophy as well as urging the community to give Blood to remember innocent people who lost their lives in mass murder like Sikhs in Delhi 1984. The blood drive has saved over a hundred thousand lives – 130,000 to be exact, according to the Group. We should all join this great and worthy effort!

***By R. Paul Dhillon

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