ASTRO FORECAST: What’s In Store For Your Sign!

header-1ad-lakeeran-10x15-ad-newsprint-new-001THE FORTNIGHT  

( 01 NOV 2016 TO 15 NOV 2016)

signs3ARIES ( 15 APR TO 14 MAY): A lot of promise and Success at the work front , some unfinished objectives will be achieved in this Fortnight . You need be careful with your partner as tempers may fly high . Health of an Elder may be cause of Concern.

TAURUS ( 15 MAY TO 14 JUN):  A lot of pending work will get completed in this period . Some one at work may bad mouth you . You need to monitor your blood pressure . Quality time with Family members  should be your focus in this period .

GEMINI ( 15 JUN TO 14 JUL):   A  lot of unforeseen issues may crop up during this time , but you will able to overcome them with intelligent assessment and tact. Right time to invest in real estate, Mortgage . Do make an effort to spend time with your partner as he/ she can be upset for no reason.

CANCER ( 15 JUL TO 14 AUG):  Your social calendar is likely to be full in this period . a few travels may also come up . Do read the fine print in case of a real estate investment . You will have happiness and quality time with your near and dear ones . Be careful of what you eat .

LEO ( 15 AUG TO 14 SEP):  Be careful of what you speak with colleagues and acquaintances as you are likely to be misquoted . Though you have a lot of success and money in this period but a fear of unknown/ insecurity will remain . Right time to invest in savings .  Digestion is likely to suffer.

signs4VIRGO ( 15 SEP TO 14 OCT): A period of caution as you could be stabbed in the back in this period . Do not keep anything pending at work . You will receive support from your near and dear ones . A travel is on the cards . Those prone to skin issues need to be careful.

LIBRA ( 15 OCT TO 14 NOV):  Socially a good time but you need to keep your temper and arrogance on control . Right time to invest in real estate . An altercation with your partner is likely to happen . Speculations will bring in money . Try to pursue a spiritual activity or do charity .   

SCORPIO ( 15 NOV TO 14 DEC):  You could be living out of a suitcase in this period . Those in profession of teaching are likely to get favourable break at work . You could be low on energy . Ensure that you don’t get involved in a legal issue of any kind , it will trouble you for quite sometime.

SAGITTARIUS ( 15 DEC TO 14 JAN):  A lot of monetary gains are to happen but a harsh tongue will get you nowhere . You need to be more diplomatic and sweet . You are likely to spend money on your friends and some unwarranted expenditures are also likely to happen. Avoid red meat in this period.

Brand-D-LogoCAPRICORN ( 15 JAN TO 14 FEB): A period of high energy levels and success at work, especially those working in real estate , restaurants and agriculture business . Right time to buy a new car . Your partner may need emotional support so do take out time for him/her .

AQUARIUS  ( 15 FEB TO 14 MAR):  You will be high on energy but nothing will seem to go right , do not jump to conclusions as finally everything will work out . You may receive a payment which was long over due . Take a break from the routine and unwind , spend time with elders or do a charitable activity .

PISCIES ( 15 MAR TO 14 APR):  A lot of new opportunities will come up at work . Un interrupted flow of money and returns from investments are likely . Partner may get unreasonable or appear arrogant , handle with tact . Sugar and Blood pressure patients need to take extra care .

These predictions are based on the Vedic astrology and that is why you will also see different dates for the signs than western astrological sign dates. The results will get suitably modified based on the basic configuration of the chart of the person, according to Rahul Jain, who designed this forecast from Nov. 1-15, 2016!






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